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Fairview Wind and Rain Cause Water Leak in Local Home

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Pipe Break Caused Water Damage in Troutdale Home

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SERVPRO of Gresham is Ready To Dry Your Unexpected Water Damage

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If Your Water Heater is Causing Leaks, Call SERVPRO of Gresham today!

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Fairview Wind Storms Causing Damage?

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Why SERVPRO of Gresham is Who You Should Call for Repair and Restoration

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Water in Walls of Home by Columbia River

Some things are not always what they seem. Without checking the walls for moisture, this homeowner didn’t know their walls were still wet on the inside. P... READ MORE

Ongoing Hot Water Heater Leak in East Gresham

Hot water heaters can be a major problem when they have a leak because sometimes it is extremely hard to tell. This water heater had been leaking for quite some... READ MORE

Ceiling Caves in home near Twelve Mile Corner

When there is a storm outside, many of us stay inside to stay warm and dry, but what do you do when the storm makes its way into your home? Call SERVPRO of Gres... READ MORE

Ceiling Caves in from Storm Damage in East Gresham

It’s raining, it’s pouring, it’s….my ceiling falling? Having a roof leak can go unnoticed until an event like this happens. Even small ... READ MORE